20 March 2008

Commissioners Approve Library's Recommendations

From the AJC:

Pitts abstained after making an impassioned plea to his colleagues to delay the vote until April. He wanted more time to research whether Fulton should accept an offer from developer Ben Carter to buy the Buckhead branch, demolish it and include the property in his redevelopment plan for the Buckhead Village.

The board's vote essentially rejected Carter's plan because his offer was not part of the plan approved Wednesday. The unique branch's contemporary design has divided opinions since it opened nearly 20 years ago.

On Wednesday, several supporters of the design pushed commissioners to spare the building.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Yeaaaaaaayyy!!!!! I wrote my own impassioned plea last night to the board and got a very nice letter back from Mr. Pitts, which gave me hope.

THANK YOU for taking on the task of organizing all of this Save the Library information. Years from now, we can look at this building and remember that the community does have a voice against those who would turn Atlanta into a giant chain store.

Congratulations Buckhead!!!

ELC said...

I found this link via blog and am happy to see the lbrary seems to have escaped near death, and at the same time saddened to hear it was ever even considered. I grew up in Buckhead and spent many an afternoon in the library, researching projects for school, looking out the giant windows and exploring the books, albums and videos they lent, all great memories. I haven't been to Atlanta for more than three years now but it was a relevant and important building when I was growing up and I imagine it has become even more so as the years pass and the new developments looks more and more alike. I am all for beauty and progress but not to the point where they destroy and erase history and innovation. I'm happy to know the library will be as I once knew it when I return to Atlanta with my own children!