22 May 2008

Round 2!
The county has been asked to develop a feasible study for a new Buckhead Library if the existing library is sold.

From the AJC:


Yesterday's Fulton County Commissioner's meeting:
Item 08-0472 - Request approval of a Resolution directing the County Manager to take all necessary steps for final Board action on the proposed sale of the Buckhead Branch Library, Tom Lowe

From Fulton County Manager, Zachary Williams, zachary.williams@fultoncountyga.gov:

I will be working with staff to develop a packet of information that would give the Board a clear understanding of how much the library would possibly sell for if they are interested as well as any other conditions that could be place on the sale. Thus far, I have not seen any information. I have been instructed to provide the information by the second Board meeting in June.