28 February 2008

Fulton County Board of Commissioners
Fulton Co. Government Center
141 Pryor Street, SW
Assembly Hall
Below is the list of commissioners. Contact them in the meantime and let me them you want them to accept the Library Board's recommendation to renovate the existing library as part of the Facility Master Plan.
John H. Eaves, District 1 (At Large), Chairman: john.eaves@fultoncountyga.gov
Robb Rittes, District 2 (At Large): robb.pitts@co.fulton.ga.us
Lynne Riley, District 3: lynne.riley@co.fulton.ga.us
Tom Lowe, District 4: Tom.Lowe@co.fulton.ga.us
Emma I. Darnell, District 5: Emma.Darnell@co.fulton.ga.us
Nancy A. Boxill, District 6: district6@co.fulton.ga.us
William "Bill" Edwards, District 7, Vice Chairman: William.Edwards@co.fulton.ga.us

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